The awfulness of TV journalism

Yesterday NDTV had an exclusive of a mentally ill man being hogtied and beaten by the police in Bihar. Which is all fine and dandy but you wonder if the police would have willingly shown their faces in such well-framed visuals as the one being broadcast. The whole thing looked staged and it was not as though the police had the classic burnt out criminal's desire to "Please catch me, I have had enough" syndrome. 

Suddenly, after the sickening (and far more credible) expose of fake encounters in Manipur by Tehelka, the Indian news media has latched on to what it thinks is a trend - since Indian television news channels have the collective IQ of a split pea - this is not very surprising. And since they lack anything called objectivity, restraint and good reportage, expect the next few weeks to be filled with exclusives of wonderfully filmed police misbehaviour.

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