Back to school at work

A friend pointed it out - IT workers in India are just bigger versions of their school going selves. The backpack in bright popping colors with a water bottle and three fold umbrella in each side pocket and lunch boxes carefully packed by wives.

As I watch the morning march of the worker ants, it is impossible not to want to bark out, ATTEN-SHUN! and watch them scuttle, their Tupperware bags flapping. In the morning buses (why do people who hate fresh air sit on window seats, keep the windows closed, thus ensuring that the air will be muggy inside the buses and stink of sambar and cabbage?), everyone sits with their ties in order and hair neatly braided. It doesn’t tax the brain to imagine the technical architect with the oiled hair and knotted tie and finger digging his nose, in a white shirt and grey trousers, committing to memory his geography textbook word by word instead. He is now older and working, so he’s mugging up on certification material guaranteed to make him a a more efficient worker. 

But really, even if you ace the tests and become a namesake VP, do you leave behind the illusion that you are just an overgrown schoolchild playing at “Going to Office”?

Only if the VP perks include a free SUV. Then you’ve jumped from schoolboy to rich thug. And that’s not such a quantum leap. Infantilism is key to both those avatars. Don’t throw away the backpack.

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