I spent most of today travelling around an area of Bangalore that I rarely visit. I went through the Bangalore University campus, had a view of the gorgeous National Law School library and went up-down hills that were studded with multi-storey residences looking over their shoulders at other multi-storey residences or the iron skeleton structures of residences yet to solidify, gain form and block their neighbour’s views.

This city is expanding and burgeoning, a nebula of germs popping up below the magnifying gaze of some star up in the sky.

And the land and trees and wind it is eating up is heartbreaking.

The two-wheelers that crowd the narrow lanes and wider roads threaten, however, to break your hips, toes and limbs.

I can’t see it changing much for the better. It will worsen and degrade. This is the irreversible reaction that Mr. Varghese talked about in the stand alone Chemistry class in eighth standard. This is the road there was no going back on. Churn through the hours and miles and go forward.


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